Paycheck Protection Program Loans are designed to help small businesses

5 Common Questions About Paycheck Protection Program Loans (PPP)

The second round of Paycheck Protection Program Loans has been officially approved, but questions about this relief provision still abound. Below you will find the five most common among those questions, answered according the latest update (April 24, 2020) provided by the Small Business Administration (SBA). What Are Paycheck Protection Program Loans? The Paycheck Protection…

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How’s the housing market?

Some recent reports on the housing market indicate possible good news for home buyers as well as sellers. Below are some of the headlines: Housing prices increased at the highest average rate in six years in July across the U.S. Mortgage delinquencies fell for the second straight month, demonstrating a major improvement for the U.S.…

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Leveraging Technology to Grow Your Business in Times of Crisis

Times of crisis pose unique challenges for businesses. Communicating with clients may prove difficult, and there are many operational stumbling blocks to overcome. Fortunately, technology can solve all these problems. As you’ll see below, the right combination of IT solutions, digital marketing and online communication can allow your company to grow even during periods of…

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