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The web is a fantastic marketing tool to be sure, but it’s still not the most interactive marketing medium available, Telemarketing is. Person to person contact is still superior to other less dynamic or automated forms of marketing. In fact, most major companies maintain a telemarketing department because they know how effective it is. Even though telemarketing is a proven and effective marketing and customer service tool, most businesses neither have the expertise, nor the financial resources needed to establish a call center.

At Uniko Media Group, we have already made the investment and taken the time to establish a call center specifically designed for telemarketing. Our telemarketing services employ trained professional telemarketers to provide you with a cost-effective marketing solution that gets results. Our telemarketing services provide you with reliable programs that are designed specifically for you. Of course we will do sales for you, but that’s not all we do.

Uniko Media Groups concierge services include lead generation, lead qualification, appointment setting, upselling and cross-selling, customer satisfaction surveys and customer retention programs. Tell us what you want, we’ll make it happen. Once you decide that telemarketing with us makes sense for you, Uniko Media Group will help you design your telemarketing strategy.

Our experts will develop your scripts based on your input and preferences. Once all scripts and procedures have met your approval we are ready to implement. You can start off small, or go with a full-blown campaign, it’s up to you. We will work with you to design a program that makes sense for you and your budget.


Just like with e-mail marketing, the main objective of telemarketing is to generate leads, targeting potential customers, creating curiosity, and increasing exposure by getting the name of your business out there. This way your client database will grow, which in turn provides more sale opportunities for you and your company.

Completing a large number of cold calls to set appointments, generate leads, and gather prospects contact information can turn into time-consuming tasks that sales rep might not want to dedicate time and energy that could be better directed to working on their pipelines and closing some sales.

With Uniko Media Group as your telemarketing partner, you don’t need to worry about these distractions. Our team consists of professionals with the required expertise that will make the most out of each and every interaction they have on behalf of your company. Besides, you won’t have to go out of budget, covering for all the extra expenses like workstations, phones, headsets, software, and management; we have all your needs covered, and a team that is ready to start working on making your prospects database go through the roof!


One of the most important aspects for a business is getting new customers, but it might be just as important, if not even more, to keep the ones you already have.

Your clients already know your company and are happy with the service you have provided, they trust you, so it’s likely that they wouldn’t hesitate doing business with you again sometime. This is why you need to take advantage of the opportunities that cross-selling can bring!

Let Uniko Media Group effectively take advantage of your existing customer base, in order to offer them new products or services they might not know you provide, saving them the trouble of having to hire two different providers when they could have the same one for it all.

Cross-selling can help your company build customer loyalty, improve profitability for you, and might even give your clients a discount opportunity they wouldn’t have had otherwise. This strategy can also help you deepen the relationship that you have with your customers, and it shows that you do care about their needs.

We want to help you turn their customer journey into a pleasant and rewarding experience for both of you.


You already spent the money to generate clients so make sure to keep them! Your current client base has already seen value in your product or service, and it’s never a bad idea to show them you care about their experience and value their relationship and trust.

Our telemarketing team will make sure that your company shows it cares about its customers, by keeping track of their customer journey, reminding them if a given product or service is ready to be renewed, or if the expectations they had were met and exceeded.

It is well-known that in today’s market, customer retention has a significant impact on profitability, revenue, and growth of a company. Some studies even show that successful companies generate up to 80% more revenue from existing customers than from generating new ones; being aware of the new-to-existing customers’ ratio, and developing a marketing strategy based on such ratios can make the difference between stagnation and growth.

To learn more about our marketing services, visit Uniko Media, the marketing division of Uniko Biz Solutions.

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