How Does It Work?

Texting Marketing allows you to engage your clients wherever they are with SMS messages that offer immediate and measurable results.

Direct and Immediate

Mobile devices are more personal than ever. Users check their phones constantly and rely on them to stay updated on news and to keep up with family and friends. An SMS message will grab the attention of your customers no matter where they are. In addition, content is displayed clearly and accurately across devices. Response is immediate because Texting is deeply ingrained in the flow of digital information, ensuring that your messages are read within minutes of delivery.

Simplify Response

Texting doesn’t require users to download new apps that come with a steep learning curve. Interacting with an SMS message is as easy as tapping a link or sending brief reply. This simplicity opens up a broad array of interesting possibilities for your business. From interactive text games to one-click purchases and polls, Texting marketing is a powerful tool you can start leveraging today to drive sales and revenue in a way that’s almost intuitive for your customers.

Increase Engagement

Engagement is the base for growth, and nothing can boost customer engagement like a Texting campaign. SMS messages have the best engagement numbers among marketing media. Consumers are more likely to open text messages before any other form of online communication, and redemption of in-store on-demand coupons is reported at 70-80%. Whether it’s offering exclusive deals, launching contests, or requesting feedback, Texting allows you to quickly establish close rapport with your audience, building loyalty and retention.

Monitor Results

With Texting Marketing you can to easily track key indicators. From initial delivery to customer interaction, every step in the conversion process can be monitored accurately. This allows you to gather valuable information and gain deep insights into the habits and mindset of your audience. This data will help you refine your marketing strategy on mobile devices and beyond, ensuring that your communication efforts are always as effective and efficient as possible.

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