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How Does It Work?

As the name implies, Public Relations are basically how the public views you and your organization. But like many things in business, attaining good public relations is “easier said than done”. At Uniko Media Group, we take our clients public image seriously. We are proactive, and passionate in our public relations efforts, and we deliver the results that our clients seek. As soon as you decide that Uniko Media Group is your public relations agent, you and your organization will be the top priority for our skilled media team.

We will meet with you, find out what your goals, and where your strengths lie. We will develop a profile for you and your organization, and we will use it to design your winning public relations strategy. We will get you in touch with and in front of the right people, all at the right time. In addition, we will promote expansion of business contacts via personal networking or attendance and sponsoring at events.

With Uniko Media Group as your public relations agent, you will gain a strategic partner that is committed to helping you talk to your audiences with confidence and success, and a winning attitude.

Chamber of Commerce

Companies prefer to do business with people when they know them personally and have a chance of having some face-to-face interaction before closing a deal. Members of local Chambers of Commerce are well aware of this, which is why they organize events and meetings; they are businesspeople looking to get the name of their companies, products, or services out there, but in more social settings.

Attending events and meetings organized by Chambers of Commerce without being a member comes with a lot of planning, researching, and scheduling efforts, as you need to prepare yourself to interact with as many people as possible in order to network as much as you can.

When you let Uniko Media Group in charge of your Public Relations duties, you are not only getting a team of experienced sales reps and agents, but also a team that already has presence and is a member of many different COCs. This can only be an advantage for you and your business because it will save you the trouble of having to research local events and get in touch with the organizers.

We will make sure we have everything you need to start putting the name of your company out there, sharing your business card and making connections with tons of prospects and potential customers; we will represent you and what your company stands for on your behalf.


Some might look at Business Conventions as a tedious opportunity to gather branded pens, bags, and some other freebies. However, here at Uniko, we understand the importance of being present at this type of events, and we can help you make the most out of the experience.

Besides doing the research for industry events in your area, and completing the registering process for you, we can also get you ready to make an impact and have an effective presence at these events. We will ensure you have everything set and ready, from the material you might need, like brochures, flyers, and giveaways, to the booth set up and staffing, and logistics for the event.


The festival industry is growing at a really fast pace, bringing together thousands of different people with similar interests in one place, sometimes for days or weeks. This can translate into broadening your company’s exposure and visibility significantly, being able to reach new audiences and explore different marketing strategies that might be unusual for your existing channels.

Being a part of festivals can also give you the opportunity to provide a unique interaction with new and existing customers altogether, effectively increasing the trust and familiarity you want to build with them, strengthening the sense of community and forging deeper connections with your brand.

Uniko Media Group is well aware of the positive impact that having presence at festivals can have, for both large and small companies, and we can help you get your name to the most relevant and far-reaching events near any desired geographic area, taking care of the entire marketing plan.


Another opportunity to get the name of your company out there and interact with potential prospects is attending and organizing conferences. However, exposure and networking are not the only advantages of being present at these type of live events, since conferences can keep you and your employees updated and motivated to keep learning and being ahead in the latest industry’s trends and tools.

Meeting experts and skillful professionals you or your employees admire or look up to can be extremely beneficial for small businesses, for sometimes getting a fresh perspective on a business idea, and especially from someone experienced enough, might be that extra push you needed to land an idea or business plan you had been wanting to launch but were not completely sure on how to carry out such task and achieve success.

Learning in a new space and working out of your comfort zone are some other advantages that attending business conferences and workshops will bring to your company. Off-site sessions and meetings have become effective alternatives for gathering new and fresh ideas at work, and conferences can be an excellent opportunity for your team to get innovative ideas to be later implemented in the workplace and eventually achieve higher productivity and profitability.

You can be a part of this with Uniko Media Group being your Public Relations agent. Collecting information of relevant events near your area, completing the registration process for you and your team, setting up any required alerts or reminders, and even making sure you get there on time are some of the priorities our skilled media team will be responsible for.

To learn more about our marketing services, visit Uniko Media, the marketing division of Uniko Biz Solutions.

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