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How Does It Work?

Most savvy marketers keep using email because they know that it provides the most direct line of communication that convert to sales. Email marketing is also extremely cost-effective, in fact, according to “Direct Marketing Association”, the ROI can be as high as 4,300%. You may have seen many tools, software packages and services that allow you to do email marketing yourself, but there are some things you should consider before making that investment. Email marketing is more than just producing and tracking, it is a full-time job.

As your business grows, so does the time you must spend managing your email campaigns. At some point, you may have to make the decision to either hire a full-time email manager or let a service take over.

At Uniko Media Group, email marketing is one of our specialties. We have already made the investment in email tools and applications. We have experienced, professional email specialists on staff with us full time. We will work with you using your existing mailing lists as a starting point to produce attractive, interactive emails, with compelling content for your campaigns. Our emails are designed to cut through the clutter of the daily mail most business people receive, and get noticed.

When you let Uniko Media Group be “your marketing department”, you will have all our experienced email specialists and state of the art resources at your fingertips. Ongoing, we will work with you in developing your email strategy and increasing your mailing lists to get you to your ultimate goals.


Use one of the most powerful tools for marketing to generate email leads! Start moving leads deeper into the sales category.

The goal is to market people who will at some point raise curiosity over time until it becomes a serious interest in the product being offered.

What makes these marketing tools a success? An engaging subject line, brief but comprehensive content, images, hyperlinks, and a ‘call to action’ idea to engage the readers.

Implement these tips to this marketing channel and watch your client data base grow!

Cross Selling

Don’t stop at turning a lead into a client! There is more you can do to generate more revenue for your business.

Your clients trust you and recognize your business in their inbox. That means it’s time to take full advantage of your existing data base to market additional products or services.

Additionally, you can use email marketing to upsell, send deals and repeat sales.


You already spent the money to generate clients so make sure to keep them! Your current client base has already seen value in your product or service.

Treat your client’s email address as an important via to show appreciation for their loyalty.

Email marketing is a channel to keep your client base by using strategies such as welcome emails, rewards programs, reminders, birthday freebies, newsletters, educational articles, blog, and many more ideas!

To learn more about our marketing services, visit Uniko Media, the marketing division of Uniko Biz Solutions.

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